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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Miracle Score

The Lord really filled my heart full of joy this weekend. For those who think that God doesn't perform miracles anymore must not be paying much attention. We saw one this weekend (or I guess I should say the continuance of one). Our 6 year old son scored a goal in his soccer game this weekend! I know for most parents that wouldn't seem like much of a miracle. Most parents were not sitting in a doctors office 5 years and 4 months ago like we were. Most parents were never told that their child had cerebral palsy and may never walk. That's why scoring a goal is a miracle for us.

After his game last week, he told me he wished he could run as fast as the other kids and it nearly broke my heart. His coach worked with him this week and taught him how to stay ahead of the other boys and down by the goal and it worked, he kicked one in! Only God can take us from a broken heart to one filled with joy. He may not be a ball handler because he isn't fast enough, but he was determined to contribute. He is the most determined child I have ever seen and has been from the minute he was born (actually before he was born - I was in pre-term labor for 6 weeks - he was determined to get out whether it was time or not). It is always amazing to me how God can use a 6 year old to encourage me. Not only is he determined to succeed at whatever he is trying, he is usually doing it with a smile. Speaking of smiles the one on his precious face after he scored the goal could have lit up any room. That smile made 5 years worth of therapy 4 to 7 times per week worth it.

I took him and his sister ice skating the past Friday. She has been once before and did very well. This was his first time on the ice and his feet would not stay under him. I had signed them up for a group beginner lesson. The teacher was so patient and wonderful with him. By the time we were finished he could skate slowly with me holding his hand. I was tired and ready to go, so I asked him if he was ready to leave and he said, "No, I'm not stopping until I can do that." He was pointing to a kid whizzing by us as he said that. DETERMINATION! I told him that most people can't be that good on their first time. He was ok with that, and let us stop.

I am so thankful for all the patient people in the world. His soccor coach, the lady giving the ice skating lesson, all his therapists. They are very special people who help him achieve success beyond what we knew he could. They are patient and loving when working with him and they never make him feel different or inadequate. They are always encouraging and building him up. God places them in our life as part of His miracles. He has blessed us tremendously. Although, we would give anything for our son to not have CP we are so thankful that we get to be part of His awesome work, faithfulness, and answered prayers.

Have a blessed week.


  • At 1:36 AM, Blogger shellyfsu said…

    Thank you for sharing such a great story through your inspiring perspective. I found this 'by accident,' although I know God led me to this entry to lift my spirits. It did just that.


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